Life's Light in Counseling, Shannon West, LPC   -  Helping you find the Light in your Life
Have you given up?  I haven't.......You are not alone.....

                                                             Will I ever be understood?
                       Will I ever be happy?
                                                                        Why do I feel so guilty?
         Will my family ever get along?
                                                                                        Why can't I stop drinking?   
Why is my child so angry?
                                                     How am I supposed to raise my grand-child?
                   Why do I feel so afraid?
                                                           Why am I so nervous all the time?   
                            Why did God let this happen to me?
When will things get better?
                                   How do I help my child/spouse stop drinking/using drugs?
                                                         How can I go on?
   How can I get over what happened to me?                                                                      Why is it so hard to concentrate?

                How do I survive this divorce/break-up?                 
                                        Why is my child/teenager so out of control?
Why am I so angry?                                          
                                                                                 Why do I cry so easily?

Let me help Light the Way............

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